日本語学習者による (by Japanese learners)


RJapanese is a magazine that support Japanese learners. The definition of “by Japanese learners” is that it is created by Japanese learners. RJapanese was originally started and developed by three Japanese learners who graduated from Diponegoro University in Semarang. They are motivated by the desire to connect with other Japanese learners worldwide.

Our Main Members of RJapanese!


Hello! I’m Titan, the editor-in-chief of RJapanese. As editor-in-chief, I want to continuously improve the quality of content on RJapanese. So, your support is very much needed. The best way to start supporting us now is to follow us on social media. Thank you.


Hi, I’m Eza, the illustrator of RJapanese. As an illustrator, I’d like to increase the quality of the RJapanese. Due to a lack of equipment, I have difficulty drawing illustrations. Your support might help us to get a good equipment so that the quality of RJapanese illustrations is also improved. Thank you.


Hello, I’m Adit, the new editor and designer of RJapanese, and I’m very happy to be part of RJapanese. Even though I don’t speak Japanese well, I hope that I can connect with Japanese learners from all over the world. I want to make Japanese learners happy. Please support us! Thank you very much.


Hello everyone! I’m Thomas, the designer of RJapanese. This is my first time working as a full-time magazine designer, and I’d like to share my best designs with RJapanese. It will be a great honor for me to have your support. With your help, perhaps we can open our own office! Thank you!

Our Interns (Januari 2022)


Being a part of R Japanese it’s honor for me. I get international relations, so I can practice my foreign language skills. I also gained very useful knowledge.


This is my first time being part of the RJapanese team. It felt good to be able to run a project in RJapanese, I gained a lot of knowledge and experience in the world of work. Please support me. Thank you.


Being part of RJapanese is so fun! It gives me the opportunity to practice my Japanese and gain a great deal of knowledge. I also meet new friends here!


Being in RJapanese makes my skill improve. And I learn how to manage event.

Behind the Story公開中!

We also have a video of our Behind the Story when we were running the RJapanese project. Please go to the Behind the Story’s Page to see more information! or you can watch our video on RJapanese YouTube Channel!

日本語学習者のための (for Japanese learners)


The meaning of “for Japanese learners” is that this magazine is designed for learners of Japanese. That’s why learners of Japanese can hone their Japanese language skills through the activities organized by RJapanese.

The Distribution of RJapanese

RJapanese is available in two versions: an online version (website and mobile app) and a printed version (print version). 

RJapanese e-magazine is distributed directly to all educational institutions and to Japanese learners around the world. There are 12,943 Japanese-language educational institutions worldwide where our e-magazine are distributed. 1,000 printed copies of RJapanese are distributed directly to all schools in Semarang.

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