Using origami as a hobby (Articles written in English)

Today I would like to talk about using origami as a hobby.

First of all, I would like to explain why I choose origami: You can fold a sheet of paper and make it into many different shapes, such as animals or decorative objects. Origami is a hobby that develops the brain. It offers many benefits beyond just folding and having fun. Let’s look at what each one has to offer.

The first benefit is that it supports brain development.

We often played with origami cranes when we were children, but we may forget how to fold them as adults. Therefore, in order to be able to fold origami cranes, you need to use your imagination and remember how to fold them. Origami requires the use of the head and fingertips, so it is perfect for brain training.

Creative fun.

In the past, origami was simple and plain with basic colours, gold and silver, etc., but using colourful origami will increase creativity.

Increased concentration.

Origami can be very detailed. If you make a mistake on a fold, it is possible to make an error. Lack of concentration can easily lead to mistakes in your work. In such situations, origami is a good practice to improve concentration.


You may think of origami as a game for young children, but it has many benefits for children and adults. For example, it supports brain development, is creative and fun, and improves concentration. Origami is a hobby that can stimulate the brain. It is a simple hobby, but a good one because of its benefits for us. So, why not make origami a hobby?


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