Sing in Japanese: Kumau Dia by Andmesh Kamaleng, The Story of Differences.

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Kumau Dia by Andmesh Kamaleng.


OK, so let me introduce you to a famous Indonesian singer by the name of Andmesh Kamaleng with a song called Kumau Dia (I want him/her).

Before we get to that, what does “Dia” mean?

Dia(ディア)is a third-person pronoun and can be used by both men and women. In Japanese, we have「彼女」 and「彼」. In English we have “She” and “He”. In Indonesian only has “Dia”.

The song “Kumau Dia” is about a couple who love each other. However, they have different beliefs. In this music video, the lyrics and the meaning behind the lyrics are presented in a very clear way. It is the story of a couple who, despite their different religions, don’t want to and can’t leave each other. In other words, it means “I want her/him no matter what”.

Now, let’s try to learn the meaning of the lyrics. I will translate the lyrics into English and Japanese.


Kuharap semua ini bukan sekedar harapan.
I hope it’s not just hope.

Dan juga harapan ini bukan sekedar khayalan.
And hopefully this hope is not just a delusion.

Biarkan ku menjaganya sampai berkerut dan putih rambutnya, jadi saksi cintaku padanya.
As a witness to my love, I want to keep her until she’s old and her hair is white.

Tak main-main hatiku.
I really mean it.

Apapun rintangan-nya kuingin bersama dia.
Whatever the obstacles I just want to be with her.

Kumau dia, tak mau yang lain.
I want her, I don’t want anyone else.

Hanya dia yang selalu ada, kala susah dan senangku.
She’s the only one who will always be there for me when I’m sad or happy.

Kumau dia, Walau banyak perbedaan.
We have a lot of differences, but I still want her. 

Kuingin dia bahagia hanyalah denganku.
I just want her to be happy with me.

Bukan ku memaksa Oh tuhan.
Oh, God! I don’t want to force you, but…

Tapi kucinta dia.
I really love her.


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