How to Choose Seat in Restaurant using Japanese | レストランで使う日本語

Whenever you enter a Japanese restaurant, you are greeted with いらっしゃいませ (Irasshaimase). Originally, this term was used by market vendors to attract customers. As a result, it has become a standard greeting in most Japanese retail outlets.

This phrase is pronounced differently based on the shop we are at. A luxurious and classy restaurant will have a polite and gentle pronunciation. However, if we went to a ramen shop on the stall, the pronunciation would be loud and strong.

Okay, now let’s learn how to choose seat in restaurant using Japanese.

How to Choose Seat.

As soon as we enter the shop, we are typically asked with なんめいさまですか (nan mei-sama desuka), which means “How many people should I prepare for?”. Then all you have to do is say how many people are coming. Let’s look at this conversation below.

Waiter                  : 何名(なんめい)さまですか?
                               Nan mei sama desuka?
                               How many people should I prepare for?
Customer            : 二人(ふたり)です。
                              Futari desu.
                              Two people, please.

In some restaurants, there are several options for seating.

  • Table/Regular Seat テーブル
  • Tatami Room/Mat Room 座敷(ざしき)
  • No Smoking Room 禁煙席(きんえんせき)
  • Smoking Area 喫煙席(きつえんせき)

In most cases, the waiter will ask you, “In which seat would you prefer to sit?”. You can simply say Type of Seat + Onegaishimasu.
For example, テーブルおねがいします (Teeburu onegaishimasu).

Waiter                  :テーブルとざしきがございますが。
                                Teeburu to zashiki ga gosaimasu ga.
                                There is a table and a zashiki.
Customer            :ざしきでお願いします。
                                Zashiki de onegaishimasu.
                                Zashiki, please.
Waiter                  :こちらへどうぞ。
                                Kochira e douzo.
                                This way please.


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