Get to know Gyaru, a popular trend these days

Recently, “Gyaru Pose” has been loved by netizens who use Tiktok and Instagram. There are many videos made using Gyaru Song that are currently popular in Tiktok. In addition, the Korean version of Gyaru songs attracted the attention of K-pop fans, and other Tiktok users followed the trend. The original version of this song comes from Japanese.

So, what is Gyaru(ギャル) means?

Gyaru(ギャル)comes from the Japanese word absorption which is gal, slang for girl in English.

Various Japanese fashion subcultures have been popularized across the world, including Harajuku, Lolita, and Gyaru. Gyaru portrayed as young women with tanned skin wearing a boisterous and unique facial makeup and hairstyle. Gyaru fashion itself has been around since the 1980s and then gained popularity in the early 2000s.

There are generally two basic types of Gyaru type in Japan, namely Kuro Gyaru(黒ギャル)and Shiro Gyaru(白ギャル). As time goes by, there are other styles of Gyaru. Let’s check out the explanation below.

Kuro Gyaru(黒ギャル)

What is Kuro Gyaru(黒ギャル)

In Japanese, Kuro means Black. Kuro Gyaru’s style usually focuses on dark brown skin like western artists. The Kuro Gyaru style usually has dark skin tones and combined with flashy and colorful make-up and clothes.

Shiro Gyaru

What is Shiro Gyaru(白ギャル)

In Japanese, Shiro means white. Shiro Gyaru’s style still maintains a bright skin tone. They tend to use accessories that are exuberant and excessive. The colors they use are bright and cheery.

Gyaru Mama

What is Gyaru Mama(ギャルママ)

Not only young people, but mothers or mama can also follow the gyaru trend, both kuro gyaru and shiro gyaru.


What is O-gyaru

This is the gyaru style used by men. The style of O-gyaru is more towards rock or metal with splashy and exaggerated make-up and accessories.

Gyaru Pose(ギャルポス)

Gyaru Pose that Popular Among Kpop Idols.

Gyaru pose or better known as ‘Gyaru Peace’ itself is a combination of the words ‘Gyaru’ and ‘Peace sign’. This pose is characteristic of people who are part of the Gyaru subculture. It is a simple pose that has no particular significance or symbol, but it is becoming increasingly popular. Recently, this trend has gained popularity outside of Japan with many people posting videos of themselves in this style on TikTok and Instagram.

So that’s how I explained Gyaru, I hope it was helpful!

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