Come and Join Us

Every Event Will Make You Standing Out

RJapanese organizes a series of online seminars for Japanese language learners. You shouldn’t miss these events. Come learn Japanese with us!

This month, there are some interesting events for Japanese language learners. For example, Titania Sensei’s Japanese language learning class for Japanese beginners. Students will learn Japanese using spoken Japanese, songs and stories. There is also ‘Karate de Nihongo’ (Japanese through Karate), where students learn Japanese through karate.

There is a lot going on this month! Want to know more? Take a look together.


今月は、日本語学習者のための興味深いイベントがあります。例えば、Titania先生による日本語初心者のための日本語学習クラスです。口語や歌、物語などを使って、日本語を学んでいきます。また、空手を通して日本語を学ぶ「Karate de Nihongo」もあります。


Meet Our Sensei

Let me introduce you to our sensei. Those are Titania-sensei and Eza-sensei. RJapanese’s Sensei is also a Japanese learner who is friendly, kind, and not overbearing. She teaches everything from grammar to vocabulary to origami and drawing illustrations. She uses many interesting stories and examples from his day-to-day life to boost learning and facilitate discussion in his teaching style.